Egypt Teaching Project

10.09.03  Projects assigned
10.10.03  Teacher check on progress of project
10.17.03  Teacher check
10.20.03  Research check
10.22.03  Note cards will be checked
10.24.03  Test questions due
10.30.03  Research paper and bibliography due
11.03.03  Final check
11.04.03  Technology check
11.05.03  Egypt Day (presentations are due)

Requirements per team:
- Use of technology (internet, power point, school board)
- Visuals/artifacts
- Presenters dressed in Egyptian attire
- Research report types (2-3 pages double spaced)
- 3-5 sources sited in bibliography
- Prepare an assessment of material taught
- Presentation will consist of every member of the team teaching the researched information to the rest of the class.  (15-30 minutes in length)

- Nile River/Geography of Egypt  (Team 3) TL: Hunter
- The Great Pyramids/Sphynx/Valley Kings  (Team 6) TL: Jarett
- Mummification/ Afterlife beliefs  (Team 2) TL: Kathleen
- Egypt's Social Pyramid or Structure  (Team 5) TL: Lily
- Hieroglyphics/Papyrus/Technology  (Team 1) TL: Aaron
- Pharaohs/Dynasties  (Team 4) TL: Dylan

Separate Ancient Egypt class activities will include
- Mapping Ancient Egypt
- Creating the Nile "Gazette"
- Egyptian dynasty time line
- Mummification of fruits and veggies (we need salt and baking soda)

BIG questions about ancient Egypt:
- How might people be affected by their physical environment?
- What causes societies to change over time while others remain the same?
- How can contact between neighboring groups lead to both cooperation and conflict?

Project Grade will include:
- presentation (11.05.03)
- group interaction/cooperation during the process (daily grades)
- appropriate Egyptian attire (11.05.03)
- level of technology used
- class (peer) assessment
- visuals/artifacts used
- research paper
- self evaluation
- regular quizzes

Grades will be taken in all five academic subjects (math, language, reading, science, social studies).